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mountains of Maozhushan
mountains of Maozhushan. When I was in contact with the mountains, I had a production team of more than 20 people. Everyone was covered with rice, and with rice and a few days of cold dishes. Everyone pushed a wheelbarrow; the mighty direction In the mountains, in the farmer's house near the chopping wood, find some dried straw, spread it on the ground, and then put a quilt on the straw. This is the place to sleep at night. Generally, these houses are partial houses; there is no door, just use a bamboo door to block some winds Carton Sale On Newports, and there is often a northerly wind blowing into the house at night. However, there are many people, and they are all young and middle-aged, and they are mainly young people. Therefore, the ability to resist cold can still be the morning of the next day. Going down the mountain at noon, and then going to the sun to go down to work. Twenty people need a special person to cook rice. The partial houses in the mountains usually have a large pot, which is used to cook pig food in the usual time, slaughter pigs in Chinese New Year, and bathing in the family when it is cold. This kind of cauldron, more than twenty people cook enough, just have some skills when eating. When the first bowl of rice is served, it should be lighter, then grab it, and the second bowl will be full, so that the stomach can be full, otherwise the first bowl will be too much, when you After eating, I want to go to the second bowl. At this time, the rice in the pot may be gone. When I first went to chop firewood, I didn't understand the organs inside, and I often didn't eat enough. I just cut wood in the mountains, and the physical strength was too big. I��m exhausted, it��s the best meal, I don��t have any appetite in front of my eyes. I used to bed together in the first morning, and wash my face with cold water. At that time, it��s just three or nine, this cold water, plus hands It is the mouth that is cut open by Jing Jing, and the pain in it is imaginable. The dish that is eaten three times a day is a cold dish that you bring with you. It takes more than ten days for such hard work to end. Every household can get nearly 10,000 pounds of firewood, which is also the end of the next year, the end of the wood cutting, the hardest thing is still behind. Every family has nearly 10,000 pounds of firewood at the foot of the mountain. There are still more than ten kilometers away from home, which needs to be shipped back. The transport at that time, in our place, was a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow can carry about 500 kilograms of firewood at a time. That is to say, each year's firewood needs more than twenty miles to transport a wheelbarrow than a two-wheeled vehicle. Its cart needs skill. There is only one wheel. When you are in the cart, you should not only push the vehicle forward, but also pay attention to the balance of the vehicle Cheap Newport Regular Online. If you are not careful, the car will turn over. Who can guarantee a safe journey when he transports firewood for more than ten kilometers? Once the firewood is used, there must be a time to roll over. As long as it is not on a cliff or a cliff, everything goes out of our village to cut wood. It must pass through Xiqiao River Newport Cigs Cheap. In Xianhe Village, there is Xiqiao River, where there is a so-called ��bridge.�� The bridge is more than 80 meters long and about 70 centimeters wide. The bridge is made of six bamboos, and a piece of twenty centimeters is inserted in the middle. Wooden board, this is for the convenience of a wheelbarrow. The pier is made of two pines into a "sky" shape; three or four piers support a bridge. In the spring rainy season, the flood often rushes over the entire bridge. However, people here have experience because of the whole The bridges are tied by a long iron chain. Once the flood is washed, it can be set up immediately. Because all the components of the bridge are there. One end of the bridge is on the beach of the creek bed, and the other end is in the middle of the creek. It is such a bridge that pushes a wheelbarrow and carries four or five hundred kilograms of cargo. The difficulty is conceivable. Especially when the stream is large, people walk on the bridge. As the water flows, the bridge seems to move upstream. At this time, the people on the bridge are most likely to be dizzy, and as the person's vertigo increases, this The movement of the bridge is also getting faster and faster. At this point, if you don't pay attention, you will fall into the water and go to the mountain to cut the wood. When you go home, the whole process is long. Sometimes it will be delayed until the New Year. After returning from the mountains, the New Year is close. Although the people of that era are very poor, but they are poor, they still have to pass this year; people are busy preparing for the New Year. In those days, the material of the New Year was basically made by the family. You just bought it, and there was no market. At that time, the materials in the store were basically based on votes. What's more, there are a few people who have money in their hands. The most exciting thing about the New Year is to kill the pigs. The size of the pigs varies from family to family. The size of the pigs is nearly three hundred kilograms, and the small ones are only eight or ninety kilograms. However, they are usually raised in pigs of various sizes, such as one hundred and thirty kilograms (gross weight) Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. The time is generally more than one year, and some are nearly two years. At that time, people were difficult, and the treatment of pigs could be imagined. After leaving a mother, a pig basically does not eat a protein-rich feed. Most of the year, it depends on Viter's life. The best feed is rice bran when rice is rice! When a family is slaughtering pigs, they usually ask the heads of the team to eat. This is called slaughtering pig rice. The butcher cut a piece of meat from the pig, and used the pickles to cook a large pot in a large pot. A dozen people eat together, this fresh pork is delicious, and it is not comparable to the meat bought at the market. It is not the biggest thing to compare pigs in the farm now Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, and then to do some snacks during the New Year. Fried rice sugar, peanuts, ruthenium, rice cake and so on. In our place, there is a good appearance. In the New Year, these activities are basically done by men, and women rarely do. Perhaps this is also a kind of phenomenon of equality between men and women. The New Year's goods of the New Year is counted as the last thing in our local winter work. This is the case, and the year is over. Next year, it is still repeating this year.