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In the morning
In the morning, I saw my face full of wrinkles and dense lines in front of the mirror, filled with the cruelty of the knife of the years, and lived up to a vivid baby, carved into a sacred mulberry. Once I remember, in my heart, I will definitely relish my chews and hurt myself. Grabbing the head violently, wiping the mist on the mirror Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, laughing clearly, screaming, the road is long, the tree of life is evergreen, the flowers are splendid, the life is full, and it is necessary to walk around, want to be true Recall the cut and go back to the past. Of course, it is impossible. The light of the screen is full of waves, to open the link, and to immerse the mind inside Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, so that the book is filled with a happy time, warm and harmonious, and the sky is blue and wide. Ha, yes, I want to come. Childhood, good green, who will not. And Xi Mei teacher is full of sincere feelings, full of emotions Newport Cigarette, born, childish, reading, to the army of "My Childhood", born in poverty and desolate, we only know the mud, grass, farm work together in the countryside, Listening to the fate, fortunately even stunned. Let her, Ximei, was born in a military camp, childish in the military camp, learning to grow, and then as a soldier in the military camp, the military camp sky, "the ear is always lingering with the bright military number, always in front of the green figure. And I It��s an unfettered little pony, a pony wrapped in love. ��It��s full of happiness, it��s a miracle to be born in the compound, the hours of play are cute, even because of eating unclean fruit, after enema, washing A series of emergency rescues such as stomach and infusion are fortunate. In the end, she is educated in pre-school education, grandmother, father, mother, brother, etc., and grows happily and happily in the military camp family Newport 100S Carton. At the age of 18, she is happy again. Ground, "put on the military uniform. When the army penetrated the morning camp of the summer official camp Carton Of Newport 100S, pulled out the neat pace... I suddenly realized that this military uniform is destined, such as this piercing the sound of the sky, born from me It has been engraved in the bottom of my heart, and life and blood are inseparable." The light of love, the baptismal land has been lit with red makeup, and it is reading the childhood of Ximei, her laughter, her sweetness, her play... everything in childhood, positive Going over, I am grateful, I am thriving for my motherland, I am going to run fast in the future, and the TV screens are banging. It��s like snow fluttering. I��ve rushed up, ��Snow Rhyme (outside one)��, Zhao Qianxiang��s poetry, ��� ԽIn reading, the author of the passion, staring at the snow, a long sigh of "a southern craving, but fell to the north / is the bones of the north too hard? Can / withstand your thick / still the southern body too Soft / can not bear your wide and / heavy", haha, finishing touch, the snow, endowed "a three-thousand-­year agreement", swaying, from the ancients to the present, the snow's aura and high-wind festival, the author's pen, It is soft, the cotton bones, the love is really cut, and finally return to "the sorrow is pure, the golden sun / ���� flash", the combination of heaven and man, for the singing of the snow, dripping smooth. I also put "Hometown Month", I am in a foreign land, "blurred eyes, but I can't see it clearly", through the journey of time, for the hometown to raise, unforgettable, "in the strange land for foreigners, every holiday season˼˼��" ������, remove the thoughts, read Deng Qunwu's "Two hilarious stories", smile, ten years less! In fact, I am reading, can really laugh, a scholastic teacher teaches Chinese teacher Even the "Do not" and "Kiss" are unclear. The diploma is not equal to the level. The emotional intelligence and IQ are not coordinated. It is obvious. Moreover, after eating chicken for decades, it has not been with the chicken ears, but it is also my belly. And the long delay, now we are currently trying to educate, is not cultivating a group of IQs, low emotional intelligence, the power of the hands of the so-called students? How to go with the national strength. Therefore, I sincerely call here, I hope that the author is full of expectation, and now all the teachers, students and parents, as well as the community, understand that reading a dead book is a great threat, not only harming others but also harming the society and harming the country. In order to see and hear, reading must be combined with practice,